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Windjammer Village is a resident-owned cooperative with 212 lots. There are 211 homeowners who own a share in Windjammer and 1 non-shareholder.

All the lots have homes on them. Windjammer Village is a “55 and Older Community” and one resident in each home must be 55 years of age or older.

Windjammer Village is governed by a nine person Board of Directors. The Directors are elected by the shareholders at an annual meeting, with three directors elected each year. The Board of Directors normally meet once a month and all shareholders are permitted to attend the Board Meetings. Shareholders of Windjammer pay a monthly fee, and those who do not own a share pay a monthly fee.

These fees and rents pay for the use of the Windjammer facilities and also for lawn mowing and trimming. The monthly fee, also pays for garbage and waste pick up for renters while shareholders pay for garbage and waste pick up through their real estate taxes. All utilities such as water and sewer, telephone, electricity and cable TV are paid for by the individual homeowners. People wishing to move into Windjammer, whether as a shareholder or a renter, must meet with a committee of the Board of Directors and must agree to abide by the Windjammer Rules and Regulations.

Properties for Sale or Rent

Windjammer Village has Rental properties available, as well as properties for sale. For more info, click below or on the “Properties Tab” above.
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In response to concerns about favoritism among local realtors, the BOD has decided to implement a new link on the Windjammer website. This link will allow Don Speaker, as WebMaster, to initiate additions and changes to the real estate listings for both Sales & Rental Property.
The BOD wishes to thank Realtor Amy Reinholdt for her assistance accessing website changes for real estate properties over the years. Thank you Amy.
Moving forward Realtors and Shareholders will be able to submit information about properties directly to the WebMaster via email or hard copy. A copy of the listing format is on the Website under the forms link; blank forms are available in the forms folder at the Club House.
Starting May 1st the Windjammer Website will begin using the new format. One photo of each property listing will be posted on line; Shareholder will provide the photo.

SHAREHOLDERS ONLY: For Members Only menu login and password contact Earl Steman, ecsteman@yahoo.com